• All Locums will be advised to accept by the Clients rules, policies and procedures whilst committed in their employment.
  • The Locum agrees that getting shift a booking from Pharma Access Limited any further booking with that Customer will be held by Pharma Access Ltd. In the event that the Customer approaches the Locum directly with an offer of work the Locum will notify Pharma Access Ltd who will be entitled to charge their standard commission for such a booking.
  • The Locum shall ensure that he is fully and effectively registered and legally authorized to provide all Locum services in the United Kingdom and that he maintains his appropriate qualifications and membership of all and any necessary statutory or professional bodies.
  •  Once the Locum confirmed to a placement with a Pharmacy it is his/her responsibility to cover the shift at the agreed date and time. If he is unable to cover shift Locum shall notify Pharma Access by telephone at the earliest opportunity. It is necessary to talk with us directly to cancel shift. Excuses like (I sent email or text you did not receive) may lead to Penalty.
  • Pharma Access Limited is not responsible for any issue, loss, expense, damage or delay arising from any failure to provide any Locum for all or part of the period of booking or from the carelessness, dishonesty or skill deficiency of the Locum in any way. Locums provide their own compensation insurance.
  •  Locum which introduced by Pharma Access to client, Locum could not approach client directly without involvement of Pharma Access either for long or short term employment.